Articles for October 2014

ADAL JavaScript and AngularJS – Deep Dive

Many web apps are structured as “single page apps”, or SPA: they have a JavaScript-heavy frontend and a Web API backend. Notable examples: Outlook Web App, Gmail.

Properly securing SPA’s traffic between its JS frontend and its Web API backend requires an OAuth2 flow, the implicit grant, that Azure AD did not expose… until today’s developer preview.

ADAL JavaScript and AngularJS – Deep Dive

Working with Validators and Messages in AngularJS

In a previous post we looked at a custom validation directive to confirm a user’s password.

The bigger picture from the post was not about how to register a user for a website, but how to work with the new validation and validation message features introduced in Angular 1.3, which just fully released this week.

Before we take a step back and look in more detail at what’s new in 1.3, let’s review what stays the same when it comes to form validation.


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