Articles for November 2015

Anatomy of a large Angular application | comSysto Blog

A fresh application always starts out as that one application that’s going to be designed for easy maintenance and development.
Unfortunately, it’s just a matter of time until that application becomes non-trivial and needs reorganisation and/or a rewrite. In those moments, it helps if you’ve designed your application in a way that’s easy to refactor and, with some forethought (and luck), a reorganisation might not even be necessary. A bigger application usually also means a bigger team consisting of people with varying degree of front-end and Angular knowledge. Having a clear set of guidelines regarding the architecture and coding style pays off very fast.

Source: Anatomy of a large Angular application | comSysto Blog

Multiple Transclusion and named Slots

Angular 1.5 is right around the corner, in fact, some beta releases are already out there and we’re super happy to more and more awesome features are being added to the framework. One of those bigger features in the 1.5 release is multiple transclusion via named slots. In this article we’re going to discuss what it’s all about and how it helps the framework to align more with the web components technologies.

Source: Multiple Transclusion and named Slots

Angular 1.5 and beyond – Google Slides

Google Drive

The latter part of 2015 is going to be exciting times for Angular as version 2 approaches production.

While AngularJS 1 continues to provide a solid development framework for hundreds if not thousands of live applications around the world we are looking at the future and how people might choose to upgrade from AngularJS 1 to Angular 2.

Angular 1.5 will include a number of changes that will support and encourage upgrading, as well as loads of bug fixes and useful features. In this talk, find out from two of the core AngularJS developers exactly what to expect in the next big AngularJS release.
Source: Angular 1.5 and beyond – Google Slides