Since angular 2 brought Rxjs as embedded library, it automatically moved Rxjs to mainstream. However Rxjs is fantastic and very powerful library, there is a trade-of related to that. Rxjs is not super new concept. I have seen it couple of years ago in C# community. It raised up, as some hyped library for data flows and then moved into shadow. I was reading about that and listen a lot conferences, because a lot of people were talking about that, at these times. Eventually I never really used it in real scenario. It was one of these libraries to show on presentation, to make wow effect. It shines when you are developing some ETL or building up “typeahead” like control. However it’s really hard to find some reasonable usage of that library. You need to be familiar with some functional language, unidirectional data-flow and reactive programming concepts to use it properly for your architecture.

Source: Rxjs — be careful with that axe, Eugene – Michal Majewski – Medium

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Last Modified: May 6, 2017

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