One of my favorite features of Angular is the ability to provide custom event bindings using the EVENT_MANAGER_PLUGINS collection. This feature allows you to create a clean abstraction around how event-listeners are attached to the DOM (Document Object Model); and, how those event-listeners interact with Angular’s change-detection algorithm. In most cases, the plug-in is powered by the event-binding in an Angular template. The other day, however, I ran into a situation in which I needed to provide additional configuration to the underlying event-listeners. Since these event plug-ins don’t have “inputs” like a traditional Directive, I had to use a different means of conveying the information. In the end, I used a Data attribute (data-*) to pass additional configuration into the event plug-in abstraction.

Source: Using Data Attributes To Pass Configuration Into An Event Plug-in In Angular 5.1.1

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Last Modified: December 21, 2017

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