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I started digging into the Angular 2 Router a year ago when Angular 2 was still just a release-candidate (RC). At the time, the in-built Router had a fatal flaw: it wouldn’t allow <router-outlet> directives to be conditionally rendered in the DOM (Document Object Model). This was a show-stopper for a complex user interface (UI) like InVision App. To get around this, I switched over to the ngRx Router, which worked beautifully. Until the ngRx Router was end-of-lifed. At which point I just gave up and stopped experimenting with routing. Now, over a year later, I wanted to check back in with the Angular 4 Router to see if the situation had improved. And, thankfully it has. Mostly. With Angular 4.4.0, conditional Router outlets now mostly work. “Mostly” in that they are allowed; but, “mostly” in that they do break in certain circumstances.

Source: Conditional Router Outlets Mostly Work In Angular 4.4.0-RC.0

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Last Modified: September 15, 2017

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